Home Prep for Photography

Here is a list of items to help you prepare for a Real Estate photo session.

To print out a copy of these tips, click on the link below.

Home Preparation for Photography


  • Front Entrance – First Impression

Clear shoes, ill plants, clutter from entrance to house.

  •  Kitchen

Counters, sinks and stovetops should be clear of any unnecessary items.

Clear refrigerators of all magnets, photos, calendars, artwork, etc.

Pantry should appear organized and uncluttered if it is to be photographed.

  •  Bathrooms

Clear counter, sink, tub, shower of all personal hygiene products and clutter.

Clean mirror of smudges (they show up in photos).

Straighten towels on rack, rugs on floor.

  •  Living/Family Rooms

Clear areas of personal items (photographs, magazines, toys, etc.

  •  Bedrooms

Beds need to be made.

Clutter and personal items should be minimized as much as possible.

  •  Courtyards – It’s important to make these outdoor living areas look inviting.

Remove plants that aren’t thriving.

Sweep area clean.

Arrange outdoor furniture to look welcoming.

  • Patios

Arrange patio furniture to look welcoming.

Put all toys for swimming or otherwise, away.

Hose should be rolled up and out of sight.

Any pet items should be cleared out of the area, if possible.


  • Swimming Pools –

Pool should be clean and void of any toys.

Put pool tools away or organized neatly in one area.


  • Yard

Remove toys, pet items, yard tools.  De-clutter.

Have the lawn mowed.


  • Driveway

Clear cars out of driveway for the duration of the photo shoot.

  • Pets –

Have client keep pets contained in an area not being photographed.   All pet bowls, toys, food, leashes should be placed out of sight.

  • Hurricane Shutters –

Please have all shutters open prior to the photography appointment. We will not open,
close or operate hurricane shutters in any way!