Commercial and Real Estate Photography

Works Photography for Business offers commercial and business photography solutions for your web and print needs. We are located in Central Florida serving the greater Orlando area as well as Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne and Vero Beach, FL. We specialize in architectural, aerial, and commercial product photography with a strong emphasis on website integration and presentation. We also offer executive portraits for your personal needs. Our commercial product and food photography has a dedicated website for concentrated information and ordering. Our Real Estate Tour packages are specifically designed to showcase luxury properties. From macro to aerial, we offer a unique ability to provide the most creative and professional images.

Aerial Photography

aerial-med-14Our aerial photography adds a new dimension to your marketing needs. It is often important for viewers to understand the surroundings of a particular location and there is no better way than to show this from the air. Florida has a beautiful landscape and photos from the air give great perspective in viewing a property, lot, or geographic location. We shoot our aerial images from a fixed wing plane or by utilizing a UAV (drone). We can shoot anywhere in Florida to meet your needs. Check out the images in our  Aerial Photography Gallery  to see examples of our work.

Low Level Aerial Photography


Works Photography for Business offers the abilty to see properties in a very unique way. It is often advantageous to view a property from slightly higher than street level but still capture the details in the building that are often lost in distant shots from a plane or helicopter.  We utilize UAV (drones) to accomplish low level aerial photography and videography. There is is a real “sweet spot” around 35 to 50 feet because you can just get over the roofline to uncover the beauty of a golf course, lake river or ocean.  Shots from the street level simply can’t match the impact that can be achieved from this vantage point.  For examples,  visit our Elevated Photography Gallery.

Interior Photography


medium-6For more than 12 years Works Photography for Business has supplied the Orlando, Melbourne and Vero Beach region with fine architectural photography including award winning interior images. We utilize a variety of photographic lighting techniques as well as extensive post-processing to yield images of superior quality.  When the view from a window or door is important in an image we make sure to light the scene appropriately so that you can see both the interior and the exterior view. Take a look at the Residential Interior Gallery or the Commercial Interior Gallery to see some examples of our work.

Exterior Photography


We live in a unique and beautiful environment here is Central Florida. Often our geographic setting is as important as the actual property in creating a scene or an image. We specialize in all types of architectural photography for the Orlando, Melbourne and Vero Beach region. We utilize unique equipment to capture elevated shots from 10-50 feet high as well as more encompassing shots from the air with our aerial photography. Regardless of the vantage point needed, we at Works Photography for Business can capture the image to showcase your property. Visit our Commercial Exterior Gallery or our Residential Exterior Gallery for examples of our classic images.

Portrait Photography


Whether your business consists of 1 person or 1000, it is import to present a professional image when promoting your products and services. At Works Photography for Business we focus on providing high quality executive headshots, staff and group shots as well as environmental (people in action) images. We can provide images with appropriate backgrounds to suit your website design. We can shoot with a standard colored background, white or transparent. Please visit our Portrait Gallery for examples.

Splash Photography

We have introduced a dedicated website for Commercial Product photography. Please click the link below to go to our alternate site!
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