Works Photography for Business offers the abilty to see properties in a very unique way. It is often advantageous to view a property from slightly higher than street level but still capture the details in the building that are often lost in distant shots from a plane or helicopter.  Low Level Aerials utilizing a UAV (drone) 35-50 feet.  This is a real “sweet spot” because you can just get over the roofline to uncover the beauty of a golf course, lake river or ocean.  Shots from the street level simply can’t match the impact that can be achieved from this vantage point.

Residential Low Level Aerial Photography

Residental Real Estate sales professionals can use Aerial Photography to ehnhance their marketing efforts. It is often important that potential buyers understand the community surroundings.  Including Aerial Photography can flatter the property as well as supply important information about the community such as proximity to schools, parks, churches and shopping.

Commercial Photography

Aerial Photography for Commercial Real Estate Professionals is an essential tool in advertising and marketing Commercial Real Estate.  Our images provide important detail on geographic and demographis of the property and surroundings.  Works Photography for Business can further enhance the images by including text and Business Logos of surrounding businesses.

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